Gary Tinterow, Owner


Approved Maintenance is a company that truly cares about the needs of our customers, we are committed in providing quality repairs from our quality techs as expeditiously as possible.

We allow you the ability to have a one - stop shop for all of your service needs, that's what makes Approved Maintenance unique! Approved Maintenance's greatest strength is our employees. We have the knowledge and dedication to see a project through to its completion. We pride ourselves in our communication to our customers by letting them know exactly where the project or service stands and how, if any delays or issues arise, we are going to resolve it. Earning our client’s trust through the quality of our work and our friendly service is a top priority. 


Approved Maintenance has worked mostly in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, casual and fine dining areas. Our team has more than 50 years of total experience on both the selling and installation side of the business, from handyman services to kitchen installs. We provide kitchen equipment installations for both remodel projects and new builds. 


Commitment, Dedication, and Knowledge: Our core values we pledge to provide our clients with each and every job. 

Gary Tinterow, Owner